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We started C.RE.M in Essex in our home in May 2019, born out of my passion for challenging the status quo with regards to Indian food. We all know and love curries, but there is so much more to this complex and vibrant cuisine! Hundreds of sophisticated dishes with fresh flavours waiting to be discovered and contrasting textures to delight all the senses. It is a beautiful world just begging to be discovered by you too.

With this idea in mind I am offering an eight-course tasting menu, featuring all my signature dishes.

Our handmade menu cards

Little bit about me ...

I come from a family of excellent cooks.  I know this because of seeing people going crazy over our home-cooked food everywhere: school lunches that mom used to pack, the neighbours when they knew my dad was cooking his signature korma, relatives and friends leaving the plates spot clean after the parties we used to have at home. My dad always wanted to have his own restaurant. Why he couldn't, is a story that deserves its own separate page. Inspired by their dreams, watching my mom and dad cook amazing Indian food growing up, I have a good knowledge of Indian techniques and I am really good at mixing things up. Through professional training at Cordon Bleu Paris, travelling across Asia, Europe and Americas and work experience in professional kitchens across 2 continents, I have polished my skills and created something that pleases a modern palette.

I have varied experience in the industry and worked at top restaurants such as:

  • The Ledbury (London) - ranked world's 10th best restaurant in 2014

  • Gymkhana restaurant (London) - 1 Michelin Star

  • Jamie Oliver's Barbecoa (London)

  • Jaan @Swisshotel Stamford (Singapore) - 1 Michelin Star

  • Yum Bun food truck (London) - experience managing a single location

What ignites my passion as a chef is eating something new for the very first time. The joy that someone feels when they take a spoonful of something they've never tasted before. That's the feeling I love to have and that's the feeling I want to share with my guests. I believe food is the medium and a connection between people who want the same thing, good experience. And food is my way of talking.

Please visit CREM Kitchen website for more about my food: http://www.crem.kitchen

Food at C.RE.M

My 8-course tasting menu is an invitation to get happily lost in an adventure of “modern eclectic Indian” food, that combines the emotion of home cooking with the sophistication and intellectual qualities of modern restaurant food. 

I have always loved tasting menus, the way they flow, the elegance of form, the element of surprise ... how they allow the highest level of expression. At C.RE.M I put a lot of focus on flavour. Deliciousness is the beginning, the middle and the end of everything. I want diners to leave excited, happy, just changed in some small way.

My food at C.RE.M could be described as "Modern eclectic Indian"

Our dishes

Back of house during service

A few snippets of us at CREM during service.

My Team

The biggest reason is the partnership I share with my husband. We support each other through our ups and downs. Funnily enough, I am the brawn and he is the brains. I am the creative, and he is the is meticulous perfectionist.

I have a huge passion for food and have worked really hard for last 7 years and achieved some amazing things I am really proud of. Working in Michelin-starred restaurants with small teams I have learnt first-hand from the chefs and watched them closely run the restaurants. I have been setting myself up over the past 7 years for CREM Kitchen with a varied experience in the kitchen across continents. 

My husband Charit has been working in the banking industry for past 15 years and has been responsible for managing teams and dealing with people. Charit has a strong academic background in IT, Finance and Business management. He will take responsibility for business and administrative responsibilities by ensuring compliance with all regulations (including Privacy, Food Health and Safety). We already have all the necessary licences to serve food from home, health and safety compliance and appropriate insurances for a Small business. He manages our accounting responsibilities and logistics w.r.t. food suppliers. To keep our costs low, we design and make our menu cards by hand.  Charit also helps me serve the food.

That's me looking all excited ready to serve my food while waiting for guests to arrive.

This is me at our home dressed up for a photo shoot by my husband. I am responsible for menu design, kitchen staff supervision, stock control, sourcing and budgets.

That's Charit never wearing his apron properly. Dressing up and looking sharp isn't his forte unless he is dressing up to look like any of the marvel superheroes.

My husband Charit. He is responsible for business administration, legal compliance, logistics and HR.


My extended team includes:

The team from  Pop-up Business School and its alumni through a support group of entrepreneurs in Romford, Essex. 

Sharon Khoo who I met at the Romford business school. She is a passionate cook and really good in the kitchen. She makes Asian food. I have tasted her food and it is really good.

Asia's best female chef - Garima Arora. We already have our first Michelin star chef in the family who supports me with guidance. My Cousin Garima Arora, chef owner of Restaurant Gaa in Bangkok, Thailand. She has been named the best female chef in Asia, 2019. Her restaurant Gaa is Number 16 on Asia's best restaurants list and already has a one Michelin star. And most importantly she is always there when I need her.

During a successful service.

Thank you

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Registration Number: OC427278

Registered in England & Wales

Registered Office: 2 Clermont Place, Romford RM1 2EY

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